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Become a mentor

Becoming a mentor is one of the most significant things you can do in your life.  Only when you have seen and felt the impact of positively changing a youth’s life will you fully recognize the importance of your service.  Becoming a mentor means that you take the responsibility of being the best coach and guide you can, and that starts with education.  Sign up for the training today to start the process.  Once trained, you will be an asset to any mentoring program you choose to join, or we can help you put together a team of mentors for your community.


Sponsor a mentee

Our vision is to train enough mentors so that every youth has access to a trained mentor.  Many communities are unable to afford the cost of the mentor training, and yet are home to many youth. Trained mentors make real and lasting change in the lives of the youth that positively transform our communities.  When you sponsor a mentor, you invest in the training and support of a mentor, who will in turn impact dozes of youth, transforming their lives. To sponsor a mentor simply click on the Donate Now button and make a one time donation of $1,500 per mentor you want to sponsor or a monthly donation of $125 per mentor you wish to sponsor.

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Volunteer with IYDE

Becoming an IYDE volunteer opens a world of opportunities for you to change your community and impact the life experience of youth in a meaningful and long lasting way. Creating a healthy communities is truly as the saying goes “it takes a village”.  By becoming a volunteer at IYDE, you will find that no skill is too small to put at the service of the greater community and that aside from being a life changing experience and very gratifying you will make friendships and learn life skills yourself. Click Below to view a full list of volunteering opportunities

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Collaborate with us

Since we took our first steps we have always been thrilled by the prospect of collaboration with other agencies and institutions that want to change the world for the better. We understand the importance of building strong symbiotic relationships for better and greater change. If you think that we could make a great match or even if you are just interested in finding out more about how we could collaborate send us an e-mail to with the subject line “I want us to collaborate”. In the past we have collaborated with different masjids, red cross, XU, UC and individuals who are changing their communities on step at the time.