IYDE mentors do not only give the youth their time and attention, they also guide them through processes of setting smart goals, learning problem resolution techniques, they help the youth become better Muslims (more spiritually conscientious and aware in a meaningful way). They teach them critical life skills such as how to choose friends and companions. IYDE mentors bring families together by creating platforms for open communication in the home.

Studies show that 9 million youth in America say that as life closes up on them, they have no adults to talk to. When this happens they have less support in school, they are less likely to connect with the community and more likely to miss out on opportunities. Youth with mentors:

  • Have a 55% greater chance to attend college
  • Are 78% more likely to volunteer
  • Are 130% more likely to lead others
  • Are 81% more likely to participate in sports.

impact_02For our Muslim youth, having a mentor can make the difference between growing up with a healthy understanding of how they can be Muslim and American at the same time or feeling like they have to make a choice. In recent interviews with past participants in our program 100% of youth interviewed expressed that their mentor had definitely made a major positive influence in their lives consistently in the areas of making better choices for themselves and developing a stronger spiritual life and participation in the Masjid and/or prayer.

100% of the youth interviewed expressed that their confidence that even now they could reach out to their mentors and they would be there for them. They also expressed that they felt that their mentors were the transitional piece that understood and honored their experience as Muslim and as an American in the present historical context. The impact of mentoring Muslim youth by Muslim mentors is both a turning point for the mentors and the mentees, for the families and the extended community at a time when at risk behavior is prevalent not only in the mainstream America but more specifically in Muslim America.

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Bring IYDE to your city

IYDE wants to help your community become excellent in supporting and developing the youth.  When we contract with you, we work invisibly behind the scenes to train your volunteers to become mentors.  We customize the training to focus on teaching the mentors how to achieve the goals you have for the youth of your community.  The end result is simply that everyone sees your youth relations and programs expanding and prospering.  Simply fill out this FORM* and click send and we’ll be in touch with you within 2 days.