Mentors Are Important

Mentoring is a practice that has been around since the beginning of history. Since then it has shown to be impactful in the lives of the mentored individuals. Mentoring in the most basic definition is someone who cares about you, your life, and the challenges that come with it. Research has proven that effective mentoring has positive effects on young people in many personal, educational, and professional situations. Here are why mentors are important:


Dr. Jean Rhodes, a major influence in the mentoring field, taught that almost every aspect of our lives is shaped by the interpersonal relationships we encounter. This reasoning basically explains why mentoring provides such a major role in impacting an individual’s life in a positive way. A recent and comprehensive study came out that stated mentored youth creates positive outcomes across behavioral, emotional, and social areas in a youth’s life. These correlate to youth having a more positive attitude and higher self-esteem, which leads to stronger relationships throughout their lives. It also increases better behavior within the youth, which translates into less violent behaviors like bullying, drug abuse, and criminal actives. Mark Edwards, Executive Director of Opportunity Nation stated, “When young people are connected to caring adults, communities do well.”


The academic impact mentoring has on an individual’s life is extensive. Below is a chart that shows the many ways mentoring helps a child in the classroom:




Typically, people think of professional attributes only come from formal mentoring, rather than informal mentoring. Yet, research has shown that informal mentoring can lead to many positive impacts on their professional careers. Because mentoring increases a child’s chance of pursuing a higher education increases their desire to aspire to achieve more. It also affects their traits when they engage in teamwork actives, ability to be flexible, and increases their resilience. All of these traits carry over to their professional career. In a professional setting, mentored youth tend to achieve more and are 130% more likely to hold leadership positions.


Mentoring has proven time and time again to change the course of a youth’s life. Adolescence can be filled with many challenges and difficult situations. An estimate of 1 in 3 youth will reach adulthood without having a mentor to guide, support, or help them during traverse times. Studies also show that 9 million youth in America say that life closes upon them when they do not have an adult to talk to. When this happens, they have less support in school, are less likely to connect with the community, and this causes them to likely miss out on opportunities.


Some of us were fortunate enough to have mentors, or even a single mentor, in life. Although, many youths within our communities are not as lucky. This is why IYDE created a comprehensive mentor training program that trains individuals or organizations on how to properly develop youth. We give the tools to start, maintain, and develop an effective program that instills positive values in youth that last a lifetime.


If you want to be a part of our mentor training program, or if you want to sponsor a mentee, please give us a call at 513-623-4608 or visit us today at, because mentors are important. We can even travel to you!

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