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The Institute of Youth Excellence and Development was created to help change the lives of youth. In order to accomplish this, we have developed programs and methods to help organizations become efficient in creating positive character change within their youth. It is through our programs that we have been able to influence the lives of our participants to develop positive characteristics in the individuals they interact with, lasting a lifetime. At IYDE we offer many different programs to stengthen each part of one’s self.

Mentor Training:

Our mentor training is the most popular program we offer, due to the fact mentorship is the basis of our organization. Studies have proven that youth who have a positive role model in their lives have higher levels of educational and behavioral success throughout their lives. Yet, there are millions of youth who don’t have access to a mentor or proper mentorship. For this reason, we created our mentorship program. We help train individuals and organizations on how to appropriately coach youth in order for them to have lasting results.

IYDE has developed a comprehensive training program teaching behavioral training and skill building to create lasting impacts on youth. We understand every organization has different needs, which is why we create custom solutions tailored to each individual need. Through proper training, we help many people develop the skills they need to become a positive catalyst in their community. If our mentors do not have an organization they belong to, we connect you with a community that matches their interests and skills best.

Nutrition Program:

Society has become complacent with food that is genetically modified and completely unhealthy. In a world full of food that causes obesity and many other morbid diseases, it has become more and more difficult to find the right education on how to maintain a healthy diet. In our nutrition program, we help educate and inspire individuals and families on how to live better lifestyles. We assign food mentors to help guide them in living a more active and healthier life.

Child Enrichment Program:

Children are the easiest to influence and are the future of our communities. With the growing need to help our children prepare for the world ahead of them, we have created a fast tutorial to teach how to develop, plan, and execute a successful program for children. This two-day program was created to inspire the lives of children ages 4 to 10.

Spiritual Retreat:

Faith and spirituality are important to many people. Yet, there is very little support in the community to help one’s spiritual guidance. This is why we have created a program to help develop one’s closeness to their religion, spirituality, or theology. On this three-day retreat, we give individuals a chance to grow and develop their faith in an environment that is open and understanding.

All of our programs at IYDE have been carefully put in place to develop the foundation of one’s character in order to produce positive impacts that last a lifetime. Through our various programs, we coach individuals on how to start, maintain and elevate their youth programs. With having the right training, organizations can elevate their programs to create an impact on their communities. If your organization or family is in need of any of our programs, please give us a call at 513-623-4608 today!


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