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In the non-profit world, there’s no shortage of youth organizations. Thousands of institutions are in place all over the country that works with children on a day to day basis. While these organizations are founded to better the lives of the youth they interact with, it can be difficult to obtain results that are truly long-lasting. Children are complex and understanding how to effectively yield results that positively impact their lives may become a challenge. This is why we’ve dedicated our time and effort to help organizations fight this challenge.

The Institute of Youth Development and Excellence (IYDE) is a non-profit organization that trains and develops those who are in the line of working directly with youth. We help organizations start, develop, maintain, and improve their programs by training them to become effective mentors.

Our vision at IYDE is that every youth in the world have access to a mentor. There is 9 million youth in America that state life closes upon them and they have no adult to talk to. While studies youth who undergo mentoring have many positive changes in their life. These changes are academic achievement, physical health, decision-making skills, goal-setting, and self-motivation. The lack of youth having access to mentors is an extreme problem within this country, and for this reason, IYDE was founded.

IYDE was founded by Riyad Shamma, who is also the Executive Director. Riyad has spent over 30 years developing youth within this country. During that time, he found the need to develop a new concept of youth programming that more consistently effects youth’s needs. When compared to many other mentoring concepts, his was unique because of its longevity, sustainability, and ability to adapt to each community.

Riyad used his experience and knowledge to create the Mentor Program, one program offered at IYDE. This course teaches individuals how to effectively mentor youth. We give them the coaching tools they need to not only make a true connection with youth but how to produce lasting positive results. Once our mentors are trained, they will become an asset to their organization, or if they don’t have an organization they belong to, we will find one that matches perfectly to their skills.

We believe becoming a mentor is one of the most fulfilling things you could do in your life. Because it’s only when you see the impact of how your influence in the life of someone else, can elevate theirs. Although, we equally believe becoming a mentor means you have to take the responsibility of understanding you may not know all the answers, which means education is most important.

Linda Searby said it best, “Mentoring is becoming more prevalent in organizations, and both mentors and mentees need to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the mentoring process before engaging in a mentoring relationship.”

That is where we come in. IYDE wants to help your community become excellent in supporting and changing the lives of youth. When we partner with you, we work behind the scenes to train your volunteers or employees to become effective mentors. We customize training to focus on the individuality and needs of your team. When it comes to mentoring youth, we are here for you! Give us a call today at 513-297-3955.






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