Developing mentors that inspire the lives of today's youth

Creating Strong, Moral Leaders With Long Term Positive Results

We provide youth excellence programs based on mentor involvement and positive character development. We bring our skills and knowledge to train you and your team to our highest standards. Using customized turn-key solution training, we improve the effectiveness of youth programs within organizations that yield lasting results.

Our Programs

We currently have three programs aimed at creating more positive mentors for our nation's youth.

The Impact of Mentors on Youth

0 % more likely to attend college
0 % more likely to volunteer
0 % more likely to lead others
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How to make friends

For many people, social connections and loneliness have been a topic of renewed attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The implementation of social distancing guidelines has severely impacted our ability to get together and interact. In turn, making it difficult to maintain existing friendships and create new ones.  This drastic shift has exacerbated the loneliness…

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The Importance of Gratitude on Your Well-Being

We hear it all the time: the importance of being thankful, or showing gratitude. For some people, these words elicit an eye roll or a blank stare (at best). Sure, we know that gratitude is important in an abstract sort of way—but it can be hard to take seriously when our primary mode of interaction…

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