Youth development

Mentor Training

A one year training program consisting of 60 hours of training, weekly support calls, and access to resources.

Who is this program for?


Religious communities such as Masjids, Churches, Synagogues, etc., or organizations that work directly with youth such as after school programs, youth clubs, etc.  The goal in either case is to train a team of volunteers within the community to be mentors for the youth of that community.  In addition to the mentor training, other programs that benefit the community which include the Children Enrichment program designed for children 4 to 10.

Adults 19+

Those who wish to make a difference in the lives of youth by receiving training on how to become the best mentor possible.  Individuals may sign up for the training in order to volunteer at any local mentoring organization or to simply
be more effective within their community in working with the youth. Additionally, individuals may be interested in the Sahtain program designed to mentor the individual through a healthier lifestyle.


Many parents choose to take the mentor training in order to learn or improve skills that will improve their parenting – specifically on how to better relate to their children and build them and help them to achieve their maximum potential.

Sahtain Program 

A one-year program to help individuals or families eat and live a healthier lifestyle.  A food mentor is assigned to guide the person through basic education and goal setting and then regular follow-up to ensure goals are met and obstacles are overcome.

Muslim teacher
Children Enrichment Program Training

A2-dayy training for a group of up to 15 volunteers on how to develop, plan and execute a successful program for children 4 to 10

Spiritual Retreat

A 2 or 3-day retreat to develop one’s closeness to Allah.