Our mission at the Institute of Youth Development and Excellence (IYDE) is to provide mentors the tools and training for successful and meaningful relationships with their mentees in every community across the United States.

Our vision is that every youth in the world will have access to a trained mentor.

Our Core Values

The goal is for the participants of our programs to be developed on all levels. To possess the skills to become their highest potential of self and achieve their goals.

We want to make a permanent impact. The leadership skills we instill produce lifelong positive effects into the lives of youth in the community.

Every community is unique, so our curriculum is tailor-made to encompass the full and diverse needs of the organization and the goal they aim for.

Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow’s world, so we hold the highest of standards for creating programs to develop them for success.

Studies show mentored youth are more likely to overcome negative influences and increases the capacity to direct feelings, thoughts, and actions to achieve goals.

Our character outlines the types of decisions we will make throughout our lives. The ripple effect of IYDE’s influence is intended to have no end.