Everyone has something beneficial to offer the world. Receiving training to become a mentor will help you find your skills and talents and share them with others in a way that is truly transformative.

About Our Program

Our comprehensive training program develops individuals across all aspects needed to create a lasting impact in their own lives, as well as those with whom they interact.

Core training

Understanding mentorship                Praising effectively

Building trust                                     Effective communication

Active listening                                   Building self esteem

Empowering others                            Goal achievement

Problem solving                                  Critical thinking

Understanding diversity                     Cultural awareness

Group mentoring

Fostering friendship                           Nurturing personal growth

Managing personality types               Building group cohesion

Managing successful groups              Resolving personality clashes

Anger Management

Understanding anger, 5 core emotions, physiology of anger, positive side of anger, stages of change, identifying internal and external sources of anger, managing one’s self, dealing with anger, teaching others

Conflict Resolution

Understanding conflict, importance of conflict resolution skills, deciding whether to get involved or not, reacting to conflict, objectives of conflict resolution, early response, teaching others

Team building

Understanding teamwork, psychology of teams, role of mentors as facilitators, stages of team development, roles of mentee within team, character development, best and worst aspects of teams, debriefing projects

Handling Hardships

Understanding potential hardships, consequences of living in hardship, divorce, death of loved one, impoverished background, violent environment, foster care, abusive surroundings, mild disabilities.

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