Our team has evolved over the years with many amazing staff and volunteers who have enabled us to come as far as we have. Generous donors who believed in our vision and supported us with years of monthly donations made our service possible. Our current key members are:

Riyad Shamma

Executive DirectorRiyad@iyde.org(513) 623-4608

Riyad Shamma founded IYDE in 2007 with the desire to support and enhance organizations in their ability to develop and nurture youth. He has had a lifelong passion for youth development and building others. His work spans over 30 years in the vanguard of youth development in the USA.

Mariam Martinez

Program DirectorMariam@iyde.org(513) 258-1716

Mariam Martinez brings more than 15 years of educational experience and youth work to IYDE. She has taught all levels of school, from first to twelfth grade, as well as having worked with younger children. Mariam has developed successful educational programs and curriculum that have achieved marked improvement and results in the students’ performance. She balances effective organizational skills with creative and playful approaches to fully engage youth in learning and growing. She has developed our Children’s Enrichment Program and programs for youth 4 to 11 years, focusing on those who come from homes where the parents speak little or no English.

Dhruthi Raghav

Administrative AssistantDhruthi@iyde.org(513) 888-3064

Dhruthi first joined IYDE as a mentor, and has continued to volunteer as an administrative assistant to further the critical work of IYDE. Currently, she is working on her Masters in Economics

Inez Garza

Administrative AssistantInez@iyde.org(513) 254-2771

Inez first joined IYDE as a mentee and subsequently joined to help with managing a variety of youth programs and office tasks.