As a kid, one of the most important things is having someone in your life who you look up to and respect. This person is often referred to as a role model. But, you don’t always know your role models personally. Mentors, on the other hand, are people in our lives who help us grow and develop. Mentors are especially important to children as they grow up and learn about the world. Here are some of the most significant benefits of having a mentor:

  • Knowledge – One main benefit of having a mentor is they can teach new things and help understand the world better. Mentors do this by teaching children how to act, showing them proper communication, instructing them on how to deal with difficult situations, and providing many other lessons that will be essential in life. Mentors have more experience in the world and how to properly conduct themselves because they’ve lived through it already. This provides a valuable resource to children who are still growing, learning, and navigating uncharted waters.
  • Acceptance – Another benefit of having a mentor is that children feel accepted and understood. Growing up can be a difficult time during which children can face bullying, exclusion, and peer pressure. These interactions can leave kids feeling alienated and alone. A mentor who is there for them and accepts them is crucial to a child feeling comfortable and seen.
  • Advice – Similar to acceptance, mentors also provide advice to their mentees. This allows children to feel safe and comfortable asking about things that they might not understand. Having someone with more experience also lets children ask questions instead of trying to figure them out on their own. This can prevent children from making harmful mistakes and even putting themselves in dangerous situations.
  • Encouragement – Another benefit of having a mentor is the encouragement they provide to their mentees. It’s not always easy for children to go after the things they want or push themselves to be better. Mentors can fill that role and encourage children to keep working at what they want to accomplish, whether it’s related to academics, sports, or anything else. Knowing that someone is in your corner and believes in you is incredibly beneficial to kids achieving their goals.

The Institute of Youth Development and Excellence (IYDE) strives for every youth in the world to have access to a trained mentor because of the impact they can have on a child’s life. Our mission is to provide mentors in every community across the United States with the tools and training for successful and meaningful relationships with their mentees. Placing trained mentors in the lives of youths impacts critical life decisions and influences how they contribute to their communities and society as a whole. Help us make a difference in the lives of children by joining us as a volunteer or donating to our cause today!

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